Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh by Odhikar (November 2018)

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Today, 9 December, is the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, which is also recognised as International Human Rights Defenders Day. On this day, Odhikar recalls all the human rights defenders (HRD) who have been persecuted and face repression from their States. Odhikar stands in solidarity with them and all HRDs across the world. As a persecuted human rights organisation, Odhikar also stands in support and solidarity with its network of human rights defenders all over the country and protests the repression and insecurity faced by HRDs from state and state sponsored non-state actors.

This report has been prepared based on the overall human rights situation in November 2018 where violations of civil and political rights, including state repression and deprivation of the right to life were analysed. Odhikar publishes this report at a time when false and baseless reports are being published against Odhikar by the pro-government media, quoting the government’s intelligence agencies. According to media report the intelligence agencies recommended that the government stop all activities of Odhikar. As an independent and responsible organisation, Odhikar has been under severe state-level oppression and harassment since 2013, due to its strong protests and campaigns against human rights violations and for being an established and credible election observer.


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