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Paper intervention to certain government on transitional justice process to protect and grant remedy to the torture victims.

Research of possible intervention or amicus curie, set up medical community service for torture cases in particular countries.

Facilitate any possibilities to apply Universal Jurisdiction (UJ).

Support for each country related with strategic litigation conducted by each country for instance amicus curie, set up medical community service for torture case

Exchange among human right defender to learn from their experience in dealing with strategic litigation on torture.

Monitoring the fact and remedy process of the anti torture cases in particular situation in Asia; Conducted by 3 members/persons from the Asia human rights group (one of them is from the local group in the field monitoring)

Follow up by the publication of the report to be submitted to the local authorities, to the UN Mechanism bodies and some other anti torture organization worldwide.

Join popular e-publication of the Asian Alliance of Anti Torture (A3T) contained by the cases and best practices in the strategic litigation processes; The publication will consist of brief of cases from different countries in Asia.